The Revolutionary Augmented Reality

RJ Thompson App


Augmented Reality Experiences

If you own any physical release of RJ's music (Vinyl, CD and Cassette), use the app to unlock incredible augmented reality artwork and bonus content.

Build Your RJ Thompson Collection

COMING 2023 - When you purchase an RJ Thompson Vinyl Record, CD or Cassette, you can add it to your collection within the app and verify ownership.

Become A Complete Collector

COMING 2023 - As you build your collection, work your way through various tiers, all the way up to The Completist. Each tier brings added perks, discounts, and access to cool stuff.

Compatible Devices


Compatible with all Apple iOS phones and tablets released since 2016 (iPhone 6S onwards). Your device must be running iOS 11.0 or later.

Android Devices

Compatible with the majority of phones and tablets made since 2016. It is your responsibility to check compatibility by clicking below.