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Echo Chamber - 12" Transparent Curaçao Blue Vinyl + CD

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This bundle contains:

  • Echo Chamber - Limited Edition 12" Vinyl - Transparent Curaçao Blue
  • Echo Chamber - CD

Echo Chamber, on Limited Edition 12" 140g Transparent Curaçao Blue Vinyl (1000 copies worldwide), is the incredible 2018 album from RJ Thompson. Featuring the singles "The Girl & The Gunman" and "Skimming Stones".

What is the AR Experience? - When you purchase the record and download the accompanying iOS or Android app (see "iOS & Android App - Compatible Devices" section for more info), your record comes to life. Use the free app to scan over the artwork and packaging to discover an evolving world that changes continuously. The Echo Chamber album leans heavily on the theme of how we all live in our own echo chamber of news and views, and the augmented reality experience extends that concept through a continuously changing front cover tailored to the users local news cycle.


Side A //

  1. Echo Chamber
  2. Blackout Windows
  3. London
  4. Think About You
  5. The Girl & The Gunman

Side B //

  1. Skimming Stones
  2. Go It Alone
  3. Speakeasy
  4. Lie Close To Me

Vinyl pressed at Optimal, Europe's leading pressing plant.

The Incredible Augmented Reality

RJ Thompson App

Unlock incredible augmented reality artwork and bonus content by downloading the RJ Thompson app from your device’s app store. Compatible with the majority of IOS and Android phones and tablets. Check that your device is compatible with augmented reality prior to purchasing.

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