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Lifeline (Unplugged) - Signed Test Pressing

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The rarest of the rare - only 5 made worldwide.

This signed Lifeline (Unplugged) test pressing is dated 2021, and is one of 5 test pressings used by RJ and the Codename Records team to quality check the final production run. This test pressing has been tested on RJ's own personal record player.

What is a Test Pressing?

A test pressing is what you might expect it to be from its name: a vinyl record made to test the quality of the finished product before pressing thousands of records. Test pressings are made to ensure that the grooves themselves are clean, deep enough, and formed correctly when the master presses into the vinyl blank; that the grooves, label and centre hole are not off-centre, and that the vinyl does not warp.

All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual product colour may vary slightly due to printing and pressing techniques.