Ever-Evolving Augmented Reality Artwork

When you download the accompanying RJ Thompson IOS and Android app (for either phone or tablet) and view the artwork and inside pages, you unlock an ever-changing, evolving world of bonus content, including a front cover that changes with the time of day, year and even weather! For example, if it's night time and raining where you are, the front cover will appear to be set on a rainy night! You'll also find icons dotted throughout the artwork that trigger other bonus experiences, including exclusive video content and demo versions of the tracks. This content will also be ever-evolving, giving the record a huge lifespan!

14 Track Album + 16 Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks

Lifeline (Deluxe Edition) features the brilliant new 14-track album, plus 8 piano versions, 7 remixes and a bonus track. Most of these additional tracks are not available anywhere else and you won't find them on Spotify or any other streaming services. They're exclusive to the physical release of Lifeline for the forseeable future! All tracks were produced by RJ Thompson and Adam Sinclair, and mixed by the legendary, and Grammy winning, mix engineer Michael Brauer.

Format 1:

RJ Thompson - Lifeline (Deluxe Edition) Triple 12" Vinyl with AR Experience

Triple Gatefold – AR Enhanced

The triple gatefold, featuring “scrapbook” artwork by Graeme Chapman, has hotspots scattered throughout that open up exclusive, ever-changing, bonus content when viewed via the RJ Thompson ISO and Android app. Bonus content includes demo versions, an interactive lyrics quiz, making of videos and much more.

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Vinyl 1 – Ocean Blue

Features the brilliant 14-track album in full, including the singles “Kids”, “Forget About The Day” and “Act Of God”.

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Vinyl 2 – Red

Features stripped down piano versions of 8 tracks, including collaborations with Suli Breaks, Joshua Luke Smith and Alfa.

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Vinyl 3 – White

Features 7 remixes by MSIK, Oscuro and FNP, alongside bonus track “Pneumonia”.

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Inner Sleeves

Contain the lyrics to every song, plus more augmented reality hotspots serving up extra content.

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Format 2:

Format 3: