Live (Album)


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Between 2015 and 2017, RJ toured extensively with Jools Holland in the UK and Europe. This album was recorded across those tour dates. You can buy or stream the album above, or you can join to get high quality downloads of all of RJ’s music and much more. Learn more


  1. House Upon The Hill (Live)
  2. Born Alone (Live)
  3. Walkin’ After Midnight (Live)
  4. Cannery Row (Live)
  5. No Man’s Land (Live)
  6. Sirens In The Street (Live)
  7. You Are The Best Thing (Live)
  8. Vendetta (Live)
  9. A Better Life (Live)
  10. The Numbers (Live)
  11. Born Alone (Acoustic) – Bonus Track
  12. House Upon The Hill (Acoustic) – Bonus Track
  13. When I Get Old (Acoustic) – Bonus Track
  14. Highwayman (Acoustic) – Bonus Track
  15. The Numbers (Acoustic) – Bonus Track


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