Echo Chamber - CD | RJ Thompson | Official Website & Store
Echo Chamber - CD | RJ Thompson | Official Website & Store
Echo Chamber - CD | RJ Thompson | Official Website & Store
Echo Chamber - CD | RJ Thompson | Official Website & Store

Echo Chamber - CD

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Echo Chamber is the incredible 2018 album from RJ Thompson. Featuring the singles The Girl & The Gunman, Echo Chamber and Skimming Stones.

What is the AR Experience? - When you purchase the CD and download the accompanying iOS or Android app (see "iOS & Android App - Compatible Devices" section for more info), your CD comes to life. Use the free app to scan over the artwork and packaging to discover an evolving world that changes continuously. The Echo Chamber album leans heavily on the theme of how we all live in our own echo chamber of news and views, and the augmented reality experience extends that concept through a continuously changing front cover tailored to the users local news cycle.


  1. Echo Chamber
  2. Blackout Windows
  3. London
  4. Think About You
  5. The Girl & The Gunman
  6. Skimming Stones
  7. Go It Alone
  8. Speakeasy
  9. Lie Close To Me

The Incredible

Augmented Reality Artwork

Use the free iOS & Android app to scan over the "Echo Chamber" artwork and uncover a news banner tailored to your local news cycle, as well as a 3D parallax version of the album art.

This augmented reality feature is available with both the vinyl and CD versions. Please ensure your mobile device supports augmented reality (compatible with most Apple devices post-2016 and a majority of Android devices).

Download the iOS app here

Download the Android app here

Get a guaranteed

Zoom Call with RJ

Everyone who orders "Echo Chamber" by the end of July 2024 will be invited to an exclusive hour-long group Zoom chat with RJ this summer.

On the call, RJ will perform a couple of songs and chat directly with you!

A chance to win a

Project A1 Turntable

Everyone who orders will be entered into a competition with the chance to win one of four Project A1 Turntables (worth over $400 / £369 / €395).

Winners will be drawn on 31st July 2024.

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