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[SIGNED] Lifeline + Lifeline Unplugged LP Bundle

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Less than 150 left! Grab a blue marble pressing of "Lifeline" and get "Lifeline (Unplugged)" on red marble vinyl for FREE!
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Offer includes:
  • Lifeline - Ltd. Edition 12" Vinyl LP (Blue Marble) - with the option to have the record signed by RJ. Usually $30 (unsigned) or $40 (signed).
  • Lifeline (Unplugged) - Ltd. Edition 12" Vinyl LP (Red Marble). Usually $25.
  • Entry into an exclusive competition to win one of four Project A1 Turntables or a Zoom call with RJ (winners drawn each month).
  • This offer is also available on CD format. Click here.

Lifeline is the phenomenal album from RJ Thompson. Featuring the singles Kids, Forget About The Day and Lifeline, the album reached Number 5 in the Official UK Album Charts and Number 1 in the Official UK Download Charts in 2021. Featuring the world's first ever-evolving augmented reality record experience! A true collector's item!

Lifeline (Unplugged) is an incredible companion piece, featuring 8 re-imagined stripped-down versions of songs from Lifeline. The vinyl also features its own augmented reality experience, featuring live acoustic performances.

The Incredible Augmented Reality

Ever-Changing Artwork

Lifeline was officially the first record in history to feature an ever-changing Augmented Reality record sleeve.

People who own the record can download the accompanying RJ Thompson iOS & Android app (100% free), hover their device over the artwork, and the record sleeve comes to life, changing with the time of day, year and weather where you are in the world. For example, if it's a rainy day in your part of the world, the front cover will also appear to be set on a rainy day.

Augmented Reality experiences work on both Vinyl and CD versions of the album. Requires a phone or tablet that supports augmented reality - for example, all Apple devices released since 2016 and the vast majority of Android devices. Please check your device prior to purchase.

Download the IOS app here

Download the Android app here

Official Top 5 Album

Lifeline landed at Number 5 on the Official UK Album Charts and Number 1 on the Official Album Downloads Chart, all achieved completely independently, without any major record label backing.

For a Limited Time ONly

Get Lifeline (Unplugged) Free!

For a limited time only, when you buy Lifeline on blue marble Vinyl LP, get a red marble pressing of Lifeline (Unplugged) for free!

Featuring 8 incredible stripped-down versions of tracks from Lifeline, plus it's own Augmented Reality experience featuring live acoustic performance videos.

A Chance to Win a

Zoom Call with RJ

Everyone who orders this offer will be in with a chance of winning a 30-minute Zoom call with RJ!

Multiple winners will be drawn each month until 31st July 2024.

A Chance to Win a

Project A1 Turntable

Everyone who orders will be entered into a competition with the chance to win one of four Project A1 Turntables (worth over $400 / £ 369 / €395).

One winner will be drawn each month until 31st July 2024.

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What the Press Say

Retro synths glimmer into life, swiftly accompanied by a textured indie-pop production, and raw, pleading vocals. But it’s the heartbreaking lyricism that gets you.

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